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(VIDEO) Martha's Vineyard From Above

(VIDEO) Martha's Vineyard From Above

A beautiful weekend on Martha's Vineyard was the perfect occasion to test out our new drone. We sent it out pretty far over the cliffs of Aquinnah and also got some nice shots of the Gay Head and East Chop lighthouses. It's really exciting to see things from this unique perspective!

Here's a short compilation of some clips we filmed from the air. Make sure to watch in HD.

New Video - SoClean 2 Go

New Video - SoClean 2 Go

We recently created this commercial for the launch of SoClean 2 Go, the new portable CPAP equipment sanitizer from Better Rest Solutions.

Twilight - Performed by Paweł Sawicki

Twilight - Performed by Paweł Sawicki

I have never filmed a music video before, so I offered to practice on my super talented guitarist friend, Paweł Sawicki. We shot several scenes throughout Kraków of him playing Twilight, by Kotaro Oshio. I used a camera mounted external microphone to pick up the audio and in post production, synced the clips with Paweł's studio recording. Enjoy!

Filming a Lamborghini Gallardo

Filming a Lamborghini Gallardo

I never thought that one day I would be in Poland filming a Lamborghini, but yet it happened. Since living in Poland, I have been partnering up with a friend, Jacek Sopotnicki, on some video projects here in Kraków. We received a call a couple of weeks ago from another mutual friend and manger at Hotel Witek asking if we could create a short film to promote his hotel as well as some special guests. The auto tuning team of Suhorovsky Design and their exotic cars, including a beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo, were in town for the Kraków Moto Show. What better place to stay than Hotel Witek! Despite the challenges of a last minute shoot and filming outside in direct sunlight in the middle of the day, we made it work and had a great time.

Chemicals and Electronics (Video)

Chemicals and Electronics (Video)

We just finished editing a couple of videos that I shot while we were back in the US last month. They were pretty interesting as we were able to get a glimpse inside of a chemical laboratory and manufacturing facility, Thor Chemicals, as well as another company, IN USA, that makes electronic components to measure and monitor ozone levels. The purpose of the videos was to highlight those two companies as well as the partnership they have with their Microsoft accounting software providers, CAL Business Solutions and Altico Advisors

Honey Harvest - Video

I finally got around to editing some footage from our honey harvest back in September. It was a beautiful morning, but we (meaning my wife and our friend Josh) had to work quickly to remove and clean the frames and make it to our extraction appointment on time. It's much easier to bring the frames to a place that already has all the equipment and knows what they are doing. Plus, they do all the cleanup. We brought them the frames and they cut off the capped combs and spun out the honey for us. We ended up with about 65 pounds of honey which we took home and bottled ourselves. The honey tasted a little different this year, kind of like apricot and pumpkin. Who knows were those bees had been!

Hope you enjoy this short video!

[vimeo w=600&h=337]

Honey Harvest from Jeff Baumgart on Vimeo.

New Video - The Human Sinuses

I recently finished a new video for Better Rest Solutions. This one highlights the importance of keeping our sinuses free of germs and how this is harder for people who suffer from sleep apnea and need to use a CPAP mask at night. Their product called SoClean easily and effectively disinfects CPAP equipment.On this video, we utilized some green screen techniques as well as some animation. This was also the first time I got to try out the video capabilities of my new Nikon D600. Make sure to select the HD option! Enjoy!


(Video) Staplers Galore - Part 2

A few weeks back I posted some behind the scenes photos on the latest video I was working on for CAL Business Solutions. They wanted a case study video on one of their clients, Amax Incorporated. Here is the finished film. [youtube=]

Staplers Galore

I'm currently in the editing stages of a new video about a distributing company who deals exclusively with Stanley Bostitch office products. They had a nice product display rack with loads of colored staplers which looked great as a backdrop for the interviews. Here's a screen grab from the video and a behind the scenes shot. Staplers


Drink - Boston, MA

Drink is probably the best place in Boston for hand crafted cocktails. With no signage of any kind outside, you would not even notice it existed without knowing the address, 348 Congress St., Boston, MA.  Concrete and metal make up the simple, but classy interior. The bartenders here are very skilled and love what they do. I liked how they were eager to explain the drinks and the process and help out with a cocktail choice. This is a great place to get something out of the ordinary, something you would not be able to easily duplicate at home. I shot a few video clips while sitting at the bar. [youtube]

Real Football, Krakow Style - VIDEO

Besides learn Polish, the only thing I really wanted to do during my time here in Krakow was to see a football match. That wish came true last Saturday night. There are 2 rival teams here in Krakow. Cracovia and Wisła. I didn't know much about either team. I mostly follow the English, Spanish, and German leagues. Wisła finished on top of the Ekstraklasa last year and a lot of our friends here support them so that led my decision on which team was to get a new fan. As most European countries, Poland takes their football pretty seriously and so do the stadiums. At least at Wisła's stadium here in Krakow, you can not even purchase a ticket unless you first obtain a club card which has your photo and ID number on it. Even the tickets come printed with your name and the stadium turnstile will not let you in unless you scan a valid club card. I'm not sure if this is a safety precaution or what. The hooligans are pretty tough too. No alcohol is served at the stadium, police in full riot gear are all over the place, and the home and away fans are kept apart by fences and separate entrances and exits.

Interestingly, as serious fans they are, you never see anyone in the city wearing their teams colors. In fact, even on game night, it wasn't until we got close to the stadium that people started to put on their Wisła jerseys and scarves. Right after the game everyone quickly changed back. It's pretty sad that you can't even wear your teams jersey in public without the fear of getting beat up or knifed by supporters of the "other" team. It happens!

Anyways, we avoided injury and watched a great game. Rafał stood in line to get us our tickets and the 4 of us met him, Bartek, Beata, and Milena at the stadium, only a short walk from our apartment. The game ended 1-0 in Wisła's favor due to a penalty kick. The caliber of play was excellent, especially compared to the MLS games we have in the States and the fans were great! Click on the photo below to play a video I made of  the action.

Wednesday night Wisła plays for a spot in the Champions League, a first for them in a very long time. We wish them well, Go Wisła!

VIDEO - Wisła Kraków

Krakow Street Performers - Video

Got a new video for you today! There are so many street performers here in Krakow. Here is just a sampling of some of the interesting ones. Click on the picture below to watch the video.

The Long Walk Home

Although it is still February, the temps today were in the mid 50's. Since it was such a nice day, I decided to leave work early and walk home. My 33 minute walk is summed up in this 2 minute video. [youtube=]