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Last of the Summer Garden

Last of the Summer Garden

Autumn is finally here, our favorite time of the year! Here's an end of summer assortment of fruits and flowers from our garden. Martina picked everything and styled these shots that will become part of our stock photo portfolio. The look of natural sunlight was created with one diffused flash placed on camera left. The kitchen table added a nice rustic feel.

Spring Begins

Today brings the first day of spring, but temps here in New England feel more like summer. Crazy! Danboard doesn't care. As long as the flowers are out and there is no rain to make him soggy. Danboard Spring Flowers

Flash, Flowers, and Alcohol

I just got my new wireless flash triggers the other day and finally had a chance to play around with them. A lot of people hate the look of "flash" photography, and prefer natural light. This is probably because the built-in flash we have in our cameras shoots out a torpedo of harsh light directly at our subject. While this will do in a pinch, it usually looks terrible. On the other hand, when a flash is used off the camera and shot through a soft box, white umbrella, or other kind of diffuser, the result is a nice soft, natural looking light. Wireless flash triggers, which consist of a transmitter on the camera and a receiver on the flash, allow creative ways of doing this. I'm by no means an expert at this, but I'm having a great time learning! Pink Tulips

Goldschlager Bottle