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Sterling MA

Back Home and Bored in Sterling, MA USA

Sterling, MA After 3 months in Poland we are finally back home. We had an awesome time, made lots of new friends, and improved our Polish language skills, and of course took tons of photos. Since being home though, I've been in a 2 week photography rut. In Poland, everything was new and exciting. Photo ops were around every corner. Back home is a different story. Everything was all of a sudden boring. Being in local surroundings forces you to look at familiar things in a different light. I pass this tractor, or whatever you want to call it, all the time. I was driving around after work today looking for inspiration and decided to take a closer peek. I really liked the dramatic clouds behind the massive piece of lawn ornament. I set up my tripod and snapped away. This one is my favorite shot from the day. I combined 3 exposures to get detail in the highlights, mid tones, and shadow areas. I think I finally broke the seal, so I hope to be posting more regularly now. See ya soon!

rusty steam shovel

Lorain 45

Wow, I'm glad it's Friday! Work felt like it would never end, my wisdom teeth holes are starting to get annoying, and my vacation is still another 2 weeks away. This guy needs some cheering up! Taking some photos usually helps. I drive by this place all the time and finally decided to swing by with my camera. It is an old steam shovel in front of the Pandolf-Perkins Sand & Gravel Co. here in Sterling, MA. There is something about old rusty stuff that always makes for a cool photo.

Rusty Steam Shovel