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Foliage Season Is Over :(

Foliage Season Is Over :(

It's too bad that the most beautiful time of year in New England is also the shortest. Next up, WINTER!

Bright New England fall foliage by Jeff Baumgart Creative Media
Autumn sunset by Jeff Baumgart Creative Media
Danboard enjoying the New England fall foliage by Jeff Baumgart Creative Media
Moss Glen Falls - Granville, VT by Jeff Baumgart Creative Media

First Snowfall For New England

December brought a little bit of snow for us. Not much, but enough to take some photos before it melts with the upcoming 50 degree plus temperatures we are expecting this coming week. 12Dec_untitled_002


Fisheye by the Seaside

We spent the day in Gloucester and Rockport last weekend. It was the first time testing out my new Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 fisheye lens. It's a lot of fun, but I may return it and go for the famous Tokina ultra wide 11-16mm f2.8. While I love the fisheye effect, I think the 11-16 might be a lot more versatile, especially for video. Any thoughts? Gloucester



Maple Syrup Harvest

The maple tree in our back yard has been tapped and the sap is flowing. 10 gallons of sap gets boiled down to make 1 quart of maple syrup. Maple Syrup Harvest

Apple Harvest at Old Sturbridge Village

apples at Sturbridge Village This past weekend, visitors to Old Sturbridge Village (one of the best places on Earth) were treated to view and help out with the annual apple harvest. Crisp air and the smell of fresh apples added to the old New England charm of the village. The apples were picked from the trees in the old fashioned way with a toothed tin basket attached to a pole. We even got to try our hand at the tedious but strangely relaxing work.

On display and available for tasting were many heirloom apples, types that were widely grown in New England in the 1800's but are very rare today. Most of them I had never heard of. My favorite was the Titus Pippin from 1841. Back then apples were grown mostly for cider because good drinking water was not available. The oxen of Sturbridge Village were busy working in the cider mill while pies were being made in the small cottages.

The tickets at Old Sturbridge Village are good for 10 days, so of course I will be going back for some more photos. Stay tuned!