More and more parents today are choosing homeschooling in an effort to take a more personal role in their children's education. For many families, the benefits of homeschooling one or more of their children far outweigh the things they will miss out on by not attending a traditional school.

But what about school photos?

Yes, homeschoolers will miss out on the customary picture day, but maybe that's a good thing. Usually, with the school photographer, kids get one "click", then on to the next student. This hardly gives them a chance to let their personality shine through, and often results in some goofy poses the parents have to pay for or wait for re-take day.

You've chosen an alternative schooling option, why not choose an alternative photo option as well? We spend as much time with your children as needed, and we have fun doing it. Outside, inside, the variety of background options are endless, resulting in school photos that are personalized and unique. Our portrait packages have no limit on the number of photos you will receive and can be scheduled anytime throughout the year. We also offer an easy, online print ordering with a fast turnaround. 

Contact us to book a photo session for your homeschoolers!